I’m Charly, a 30-year old guy from Ohio. Like a lot of people, I hate my job. I am a software developer, and focus mainly on ecommerce doing everything from “add to cart” buttons to inventory and fulfillment systems to business user and content management tools.

I like the work I do, but I hate working for other people. I am working to make someone else rich and doing it along with people who are lazy, really stupid, and just want to fight.

My Plan

My plan is simple, create my own company to do the work I want to do. However, making that leap isn’t as simple as I thought it would be. After talking to several people about how to actually go about doing this, I have decided to come up with a little safety net. The idea is to have other investments in place that generate revenue just in case things don’t work out in my new ventures.

This has one problem, though. I have tried going out on my own doing freelance work, making turnkey websites, and even selling on eBay. Once I get something going, I have a tendency to stop. The safety net approach doesn’t really help with that. If I stop doing everything, I would still have money coming in.

Second Time Around

I tried this once already and even made some posts about it on a forum. It didn’t go very well. But, I was looking at getting into real estate before and the previous attempt was to help with that goal. I failed horribly with the deadline I set, but things drastically improved later on. My 5 month plan took about 13 months. I recently bought my residential investment properties, which will be the start of my safety net.

The new plan is to skip the deadline. Deadlines are great for most things, but since I am going for more of a long term approach, the deadline seems to encourage short term profit over long term stability. The overall plan is still the same, generate income primarily with ecommerce, specifically:

  • Sell on eBay
  • Sell on my own sites
  • Use those sites as case studies/proof to get freelance work
  • Finally, sell of those sites once they are established and profitable

The Blog

The purpose of this site is really just to document how things went, and record just how strictly I actually followed the plan. Anyone else looking to make money online might get some useful information out of it, even if it’s just a list of things not to do.

I will, though, try to find a system or process out of all this that is repeatable. What I am really looking to do is find a money-pouring faucet that can be turned on and off as need. Looking to buy a home? Turn it on! Want to get away for a while? Turn it off!

…full disclosure, not even entirely sure this is possible.