April Status Report

In an attempt to get some more money coming in with the additional expenses, I started focusing on eBay more than usual. I ran some sales for Easter. I am starting to consider downgrading my accounts to avoid the selling fees.

The outsourced work I got done in February, I really haven’t done anything with. Another goal was to start taking advantaged of that and every day of the week, focus on a different method to make money.

I’m hoping that consistency and some kind of action will lead to an obvious winner or at least let me learn what to change to make them a winner. Now, though, it’s still in the foundation stages, so it’s a lot of work and not much fun.

I am also not really impressed with the quality of work I received, which isn’t helping the motivation to actually do this.

I also have a new client lined up that I am trying to get finalized. I started talking to them about 8 months ago, and it isn’t a result of the marketing campaign.

They wanted an initial meeting before starting anything to be done in person, so I got to take a day trip to Minneapolis. That’s a bit inconvenient and not something I often do, but I could use the additional work of a new client, especially since my existing clients are hitting the year mark, which makes it more likely they could end soon.

The in person meeting didn’t go too bad, but it wasn’t a real great meeting for me. I met with mainly business people that were outside the actual ecommerce development team.

I felt a bit pointless to have me there to talk to them, since I wouldn’t be interacting with them daily. I was told, off the record, that the onsite visit was a formality and getting that far means they already decided to hire me.

However, it didn’t go well enough to stick to the original terms. After meeting, they felt more comfortable doing an initial pilot phase as a trial run. Project start date is May 6th.

I wanted to sell some sites, as well. However, I noticed a issue with my hosting provider that took 95% of the sites offline. After dealing with that, I made an effort towards the end of the month to do some branding and marketing.

It likely won’t be enough to produce any sales, but I am at least making progress. Along those same lines, I am looking to get online sales going as well. Making progress on finding items to sell, and will likely place a wholesale order in early May.

I am aiming for 1 large wholesale order along with some sample orders to find new products to sell. Wholesale order will likely be $7,000 with a target of $3,000 to $4,000 profit.


Client work is still the leader. I did get some eBay sales and some online sales from my website directly. Those were brought in by the Easter sale I ran to my email subscribers.

Still don’t have much else going on. eBay sales are still things I already have that I am just unloading. I haven’t made any new wholesale orders…or done anything else that I keep talking about.


Outsourced help was the leader in the expenses category. The marketing campaign from last month is still being developed. That shouldn’t cost any more, but hopefully it starts showing a return.

Online sales had the typical seller fees. I would still like to get some other stuff going, even if that means running more ads and marketing campaigns to get something else off the ground.


Not great, but hopefully the new client will land and the old clients will renew to really increase revenue.