August Income Report

I really haven’t made a ton of progress since the last income report. August didn’t do much to increase the revenue, but it did set up next month to do quite well. I landed another client, and closed on the business that I have been looking at for a while now. It was based on the first deal I did years ago. The month started with a few Amazon sales, but then fell flat, however.

Client work still leads the way. I ran some ads to generate additional client work, which didn’t work out too well. Very little else happened.


Client work brought in $18,520 this month. Amazon sales came in $6.90. I also sold two package deals, but one would end up being refunded. The other brought in $23.41. eBay liquidations brought in an additional $25.94. That was about it for income.


Outsourced work was the main expense again this month at $4,706.46. Additionally, there were ads for the client packages, which came in at $730. Plus the Amazon monthly fee of $39.99.


The total comes in at $13,099.80. That was basically it. Next month, client work should increase. Still need to do something about online sales, though. Website sales were also non-existent this month.

With Christmas coming up, now is the time to really start pushing eBay and Amazon sells…but after saying that every year, I rarely do anything.