Day 165: POS Test On Desktop

I decided to give up on the prototype hardware for now, and just work on the open source software. I was able to get it installed and set up, but really, I am not liking it too much. It hasn’t been updated in awhile, and even though it still works, it doesn’t seem to be the foundation that I was hoping for.

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Day 164: Mainly Sleeping

Still didn’t do anything. Sleeping on the weekends has long been a problem for me. I try to stay awake during the week to work on things, but when the weekend comes, I just can’t wake up. Even though I am not being productive, I know that if I try to get up anyway, I screw up the coming week.

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Day 160: Not Too Much

Yeah, today wasn’t a real profitable day. I am still doing very little to get another income stream coming in, and didn’t get anywhere with anything else I was working on. I am thinking I need a better plan with some sort of timeline.

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