Day 157: Still Bored

Today was also a pretty boring day. Client work-wise, I still have nothing. This is nothing compared to the amount of work that was getting dumped on me earlier in the year. While it’s nice for things to be calm, they are a little too calm.

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Day 155: Bored

I am pretty bored. The additional client hasn’t resulted in the amount of work I anticipated. I should really start focusing on something else as my income is now heavily reliant on the freelance work. I still don’t have a real good plan.

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Day 153: Laptop Finally Delivered

My laptop was finally delivered. As far as the client work, not much happened. The whole plan for today was to get the laptop and set it up. Other than installing Microsoft Office, I have no other tasks for today. More than likely, I will just play around with the laptop and call it a day.

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Day 152: First Day at New Client

Today, I started with my newest client. For the most part, it wasn’t terribly exciting. It was a lot of introductory calls and “just look through some documentation” type work with real no end goal. It was basically designed to occupy my time and get me through the end of the day.

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Day 150: Sleeping

I should have been more productive today, but I wasn’t. I spent most of the day sleeping. It’s a long holiday weekend, and the last weekend before I start the new client. That makes it likely that this is the last weekend I can actually sleep without getting too far behind.

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