It’s been a while since posting an update about the plan. I cover the investing strategy in another post, but I have been reading a few books that all mention the same things.

Prime examples are setting goals and getting into habits, specifically habits that were determined before emotions get in the way.


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New Apartment – Hard Wire Free Community WiFi

Moving into the new apartment wasn’t without issues. The big issue was the internet. While I get free community wifi service, it doesn’t work for any wired device or 2.4ghz wireless clients.

So my main desktop computer couldn’t get online, but at least my client-provided work laptops could.

The goal was to get wired access to Spectrum Community Service along with support for smart outlets which weren’t connecting to the apartment community wifi.


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Wholesale Order

Looking to do some selling on eBay and Amazon, I pulled the trigger on a wholesale order. But now, I am kind of regretting it. There were a few pitfalls I clearly ran into, but I was rushed to get an order placed in order for it be delivered in time to capitalize on holiday shopping.

So far, everything has been terrible, though. Just getting 400 pounds of stuff delivered to my apartment wasn’t fun. To make things worse, the boxes were really beat up when they got here, and the retail boxes of the items inside also weren’t in the greatest condition.


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Am I Seriously Taking This Seriously?

After talking to the only person who reads any of these posts, it came up that eBay was once a primary source of revenue for me, but not now. What caused eBay to go downhill? Was it from Amazon’s competition? More than likely, it was me.

A couple years ago, eBay was bringing in the most money consistently. However, I was more active in selling than I am now. Over the months, I slowly stopped selling online. One site that was doing well that was also listing on eBay was bitcoin related, which eBay then frowned upon and removed the listings…then I started giving up.

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