February Status Report

February started off rough. I made it back to North Carolina in the early morning of January 31st. I was still off my normal schedule starting in February, and mainly dealt with banks rejecting my loan request for the newest investment deal.

I also got to deal with 2019 taxes along with determining what course of action I will take for 2020. Waiting until the last minute and then scrambling to get everything together isn’t the greatest option.


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January Status Report

January was pretty uneventful. I didn’t transfer over money every week like I have been doing. Mainly to let my cash reserves build back up and to get some debt paid off. Nothing too concerning, but I had some rental properties that have property tax due. Plus, the credit card I put most of the travel expenses on still needs to be paid.

Also, I was a bit off schedule in January, especially in the first half. I don’t know if iI was still screwed up from traveling or getting sick, but I had a hard time waking up and just staying awake. After falling asleep in the evening, I would be up too late, and the whole cycle would repeat.


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December Status Report

December was the last month of my savings goal. So not only do I need to meet the goal, I also need to figure out what I am doing next year, both in terms of saving along with the plan for this blog.

I am leaning more towards making the blog more instructional and adding videos, instead of having it be more of a diary of daily, weekly, and monthly events.


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November Status Report

November included the contract switch for one client and the start of the new client. The new client is exciting, but the contract switch is actually going to decrease my income. Until November is over, I won’t have an accurate idea of what I should expect, income-wise.

This month is also a prime month to capitalize on some type of holiday sales. I am starting off real behind. I do have the new client that will start paying, but I feel like I need to get something else going to close that gap.


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October Status Report

October didn’t have a great start. I am starting to become concerned with my money-saving plan, as I continually come up short. I think I need to at least explore other options.

However, I don’t want to chase everything and lose focus. As much as I would like to actually sell some sites, dropship on Amazon, and sell t-shirts, I feel like I started the month off far enough along in client talks to keep that as a high priority.


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September Status Report

September started off looking for new clients. Mainly through networking, I reached out to everyone I thought could point me in a direct that would land a contract.

I also kept going on a project I had started. With the addition of the project manager, more work seems to be getting done. I started looking for another developer to help with the work load. I am working on the WIG sessions and setting commitments, but I need to get other things going as well. Even though I am focused on getting more clients, I also need to lay the foundation for other things.


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August Status Report

The goal heading into August was primarily to save money and reduce expenses. With the investment opportunities and original strategy, this was the month to make that happen. Savings-wise, the month started off well.

Additionally, I started off August wanting to ramp up the selling of sites. I also wanted to focus on getting another website up and running to generates consistent revenue.


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July Status Report

Starting off July, the focus will be on client work, specifically the shorter duration freelance-type work where I am doing a single site and then the work is complete. Ideally, doing sites like this will help get everything set up to sell the existing sites, as well.

The challenge I am facing is just the set up and process of everything. Once I figure that out for the first site, I can just reuse it for the rest. Even things like quotes, proposals, and contracts are hard to come up with the first time, but should be easy for ever additional time needed.


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June Status Report

June saw the start of the new client work. I also ramped up online sales. However, on the 18th, the online sales took a crushing blow. I ran into some eBay account issues, and instead of screwing around with that while continuing to attempt to sell, I think the best approach is to pause the eBay sales while I focus more on selling websites.

I did get a website sale, but I wasn’t too happy with the process. Client work still took focus this month,  but with eBay sales being paused, improving the site sale flow moved to the next priority. I began working on making improvements with the intention of starting a bigger marketing plan at the beginning of next month.


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May Status Report

I stuck with the plan and made the wholesale order this month. I also lined up a few other products to try selling online. I am seriously considering going private labeled products through Amazon, and am coming up with brand names to use.

Talking to suppliers hasn’t been easy. We come to an agreement, and then terms change, so the deal is canceled. Plus, the time for shipping, just getting everything finalized, reviewed, and decided to go all in is taking way longer that I would like.


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