April Status Report

In an attempt to get some more money coming in with the additional expenses, I started focusing on eBay more than usual. I ran some sales for Easter. I am starting to consider downgrading my accounts to avoid the selling fees.

The outsourced work I got done in February, I really haven’t done anything with. Another goal was to start taking advantaged of that and every day of the week, focus on a different method to make money.


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January Status Report

This month was a bit of a weird one. I didn’t do much with online sales other than what was left over from last month. I did list some random stuff I didn’t want anymore. I move in February, so getting rid of stuff is more about the move and less about money.

The primary goal of this month was to sell sites. I would like for this to take over client work, but I know things will start slow. I have been doing client work since 2012.


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December Status Report

December wasn’t like the other months. Client work still lead the way, but there was more online selling and an attempt to sell some sites. That increased revenue from the online sales, but also increased expenses from the cost of ads.

Arguably, December was worse than other months in the sense that online sales and ads were actually expensive. However, I am hoping it lays the groundwork to increase revenue in the future without having to rely solely on client work.


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November Income Report

Client work income was steady, but there wasn’t much else happening. Even loading up more clients or other projects into the pipeline wasn’t really happening this month. I really need to work on something else, especially if I am paying seller fees now.

Selling more is definitely on the list of things to accomplish. With the Fulfillment By Amazon items being sold quickly and being super easy to manage, I would like to scale that up. This is the perfect time of year to do that, even with the higher fees Amazon charges. I would also like to capitalize on the Amazon affiliate websites, and try to get those sold.

I like the websites as a more longer term plan since I control inventory, and can scale up and down as I need money. However, it takes longer to get established and build a customers list to have available when I want to scale up. Selling other products is quicker, but using another company’s products makes me vulnerable to that company. If they won’t let me sell on Amazon or even the internet, there’s nothing I can really do about it.


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October Income Report

This month saw more client work, Fulfillment by Amazon started, and an eBay store opened, but it still wasn’t the big bump in revenue I was hoping for. Amazon and eBay sales really amounted to very little. I had 1 sale from eBay and 2 from Amazon. The eBay sale actually came before the store was opened.

Combined with the store fees, selling fees were greater than the amount I received, making the sales actually a loss. I am really trying for 4 figure sales in a month, and not 2 figure sales. Without bumping up sales volume, selling online is basically pointless. The only other way to increase online revenue is to sell higher-priced items.

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September Income Report

September had a pick up in client work. Not much else changed in terms of making money online. However, I have historically made the most with client and an additional client should help with revenue.

Also, I went back to Ohio to close on another business deal. While there, Hurricane Florence hit North Carolina, so I stayed in Ohio for about 3 weeks. Since most of my time was away, I didn’t focus on selling anything on Amazon or eBay since I wouldn’t be around to ship anything.

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August Income Report

I really haven’t made a ton of progress since the last income report. August didn’t do much to increase the revenue, but it did set up next month to do quite well. I landed another client, and closed on the business that I have been looking at for a while now. It was based on the first deal I did years ago. The month started with a few Amazon sales, but then fell flat, however.

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