Selling Packaged Work To Get Clients

In order to generate some new client work, I started offering some packages. The plan is to offer a standard amount of work that I can easily quote a price on and complete. Something that I can throw up a Buy It Now button without having to have a discussion first about all the requirements and goals.

The idea is basically to eliminate custom development and just focus on standard pages most people need. I will also be including some more marketing and SEO related services, as well. The plan is to use each to promote the others, so I can do an ecommerce site, plus SEO. If you already have a site, I can just do the SEO.

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New Client Deal is in the Works

Trying to increase client work to help get the income levels up. I have been talking to several clients, but all of them were taking a while to develop, or would sputter out at the end. However, I finally landed a new client.

It was a bit of a rocky takeoff. Things started off questioning whether or not I could even be a remote contractor. Early signs pointed to them really looking for an employee to join their team and sit in their offices.

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The Giant Risk Everyone Must Take to Be Successful

With the new goal of posting better, complete approach posts instead of posting as often as every single day, I really haven’t been doing that. So I figured I should write one good post, and see how all this works out. For the post, I will address the big question I get asked the most often, how did I start making money? From landing clients to real estate, the ideas are simple, but the execution is hard. There is one thing that you must do which holds most people back.

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Reduced Hours With One Client, but Potential New Clients

As I figured, the Chicago client has reduced my hours. I am now currently guaranteed 0 hours a week. Knowing ahead of time has given me some time to get some replacements lined up. I have a short list of potential new clients to fill the void.

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Landed a New Client

I ended up doing some client work which ended last year. It lasted about 7 months, and was a pretty good project to work on. A few months after the project ended, I heard back from someone at the same company, but someone I never dealt with the first time around. Another project came up, and they wanted me to join, but at the time, I wasn’t too interested.

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