WIG Session: 7

Technically, I broke the streak, but it was more of a technicality than anything else. While I started off strong, I didn’t really finish strong.

I should have probably put in more details for the commitment, since I basically stopped right after I did the minimum.

So even though I met the commitment and met it early, I likely could have done more.


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WIG Session: 6

Really need to break the streak of waiting until the last minute. I thought I had a good idea to take the content with me to work on the plane. I flew from Raleigh to Atlanta, had an hour layover, and then went on to Indianapolis.

I got nothing done during that. The layover in Atlanta was cut short when the plane landed, but didn’t have anyone available to guide them to the gate. The run to the gate to catch the flight took the remainder of the time.

That whole trip screwed up my schedule since I was running on little sleep, got to the hotel after 1:00am, and had to get up at 6:00am. The flight coming back took be into Raleigh during rush hour, so getting back home took way longer than I wanted.


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WIG Session: 5

The streak of waiting until the last minute continued. It was earlier this morning that I finally finished up my commitments, but I had some unexpected things come up this week.

Client work was still a priority to make sure I don’t lose any contracts I currently have, but after doing some networking and multiple round discussions, I have basically given up hope that anything would happen.

The answer that I would typically get is they knew they needed to make a change, they liked me, but they just weren’t ready to do anything. Well, this week had a lot of them come back and say they might be ready.


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WIG Session: 4

Similar to last week, I didn’t get done as early as I would have liked. It took way more time to focus on the wildly important. Part of the issue was client work was a bit more this past week than usual. With one contract down and no new replacements, I get a little nervous when work comes in that’s harder than expected.

I feel like if I don’t address the issues immediately, I run the risk of losing this contract, as well. This made client work more stressful, and even though it’s just a part of the whirlwind, it took up more time than I would have liked.


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WIG Session: 3

This is the first week where I didn’t really meet the goals as quickly as I did previously. Looking over some other teams’ 4DX tips, completing the goals as quickly as possible has been the most common.

Up until this week, I had everything done shortly after coming up with the goals. However, this week took me until yesterday to get everything completed. That was mainly due to the WIG session being today. In typical Parkinson’s Law fashion Work expands to fill the time available for its completion.


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WIG Session: 2

The second WIG session is in the books! This is the first full week I had to meet the commitments and try to move the needle. Things are still slow-going, however.

So far, I am liking the whole 4DX approach. The smaller weekly tasks give me something to actually do to meet the larger goal, without wandering around aimlessly trying to accomplish a large goal all at once, but not knowing exactly what to work on.


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WIG Session: 1

The first WIG session since deciding to try the 4DX approach! It was a bit of a weird one given that the 4DX approach was implemented 4 days ago. But it had to start somewhere, right?

Still just mainly feeling this out and getting everything set up. So this will be a bit of a random session. Hopefully after this one, things will start to flow better, and I will get a better handle on how to do these exactly.


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