Chicago Project Likely Over

The nice thing about the additional client work coming in is that the oldest client I had seems to be on the way out. I received an an email about a week or two about regarding the amount of work that is in the pipeline, and it wasn’t in my favor. Now, I got an email that sounds like my time could be up.

Realistically, I do very little work for the client now, and at this point, I am more than happy to walk away. It’s not the work I want to be doing, and I feel like there could be some conflict of interest if I try to expand my client-base and pick up new clients. Primarily because this client is a consulting company.

The email said that with the work I have been doing was internal work for the consulting company who had to eat the cost of me. Without their own client work to put me on to have someone to pass my pay onto, it is getting harder and harder to justify keeping me around.

On Monday, we are supposed to have a call to discuss options, which will likely result in me going on the unpaid bench, and then called up when work comes in, if it ever does. Maybe work will actually come in, but I am already on the lookout for new clients with the assumption that this is over.

I feel like the biggest constraint was the company was downsizing over the year and 11 months I was with them to the point where there are about 7 people in my department. A consulting company of 7 people isn’t getting great clients and feels like they would be in my league if I were to compete directly with them.

Being able to attract my own clients without worrying about non-compete agreements is well worth being let go. We had a good run while it lasted, but lately, the projects were any attempt to get someone else to pay for my time, and it wasn’t work I actually wanted to do. With the pick up of the new client, I am not financially dependent on this one. While I appreciate them trying to find me something to work on, I value happiness over grunt work projects.

I would actually like to start working on building my own clients, along with all the other ideas I have had that never really matured into anything. Freeing up my time hopefully helps with that.