Day 100: Moving Day

Today, the truck showed up to get the move over with. The plan was to load the truck early, but that didn’t happen. After getting most of the stuff on the truck, there was no way I was going to get to the Pittsburgh apartment in time to get the keys.

I called the apartment and switched the move in date to tomorrow. This seems like it could have worked out well since I have to pay for this apartment to mid-May anyway. Staying one day longer doesn’t affect anything.

The new rent is prorated so delaying it a day actually lowers the first month’s rent. It will make it more inconvenient, though, since I will be moving in on Sunday and them Monday starting the new job.

At this point, though, there is really no other option. With the truck almost ready to go, the only thing left is some things I will use at night and into the morning, like blankets and a bed. I should be able to quickly finish this up in the morning.

I should also have time to do some cleaning before the leasing office opens to turn in my keys. Luckily, both leasing offices are open on Sunday. I already cleaned the bathroom and the kitchen, since I won’t be using either ever again.

That just leaves vacuuming, and that can be pretty quick when everything is on the truck.