Day 101: Real Moving Day

Today started off good. I got up early, finished loading the truck, and was all ready to go. I was starting to think I was too early, and would have to find something to do to kill time before the leasing office opened, but that all changed.

The truck I have is diesel, and it was cold outside. The stupid truck wouldn’t start. It was parked near another apartment’s back door, and there was a power outlet near it. The truck has a heater, so it was plugged in to help get it started.

The stupid heater kept tripped the breaker on the outlet, and wasn’t doing any good. After cranking it several times, there was the risk of killing the battery. A dead batter and a cold engine would guarantee the truck wouldn’t start anytime soon.

The plan was to get another extension cord and run the heater across the parking lot to my apartment. After going to the hardware store and picking up a new extension cord, the heater was plugged in, but it takes time to get warm.

The battery charger was also put on, just in case it was already too late. Now, I have an empty apartment and a truck that won’t start for about an hour. There was nothing to do and it was really boring.

It was also wasting a lot of time. There wasn’t the risk of being too late, but I don’t really want to be unloading the truck at 10:00pm and then going to work the next day.

The truck finally started, putting us about 2 hours behind scheduled. The keys were turned in, and I left Ohio.

My new apartment was on the ground floor, so unloading the truck wasn’t too hard. I mainly piled up all the boxes in the living room, set up my computers and bed, and then gave up on the unpacking.