Day 104: Still No Internet

I still don’t have any reliable internet at home. Going to the office is really boring, but things don’t get much better when I get home. Turns out, my life being exciting is really dependent on being able to get online.

When I moved into my apartment, I signed up for internet access, and needed a modem. Then I had to do the whole install thing to actually get online.

The horrible part was the internet service I had couldn’t be moved. Even though I have the modem and router that I used in Ohio, it doesn’t do me any good here. I do have a modem that I used before, however.

I called see if I could get lucky and activate it without having anyone come out. That didn’t work since the modem I do have it now too old. It seems like it only works if I already had service, but it cannot be used to activate new service.

So not only do I not have internet at home, not having a computer when I show up to work is really inconvenient since I was hoping to do some stuff online there while I wait for real work. I had to order a new modem, so until that comes in, I won’t be online at home unless I connect through my phone.

There is a free WiFi hot spot available from my apartment, but only my laptop seems to be able to connect to it. That at least gets me online, but isn’t too great.