Day 115: Took It Easy

Still didn’t feel great today, but was able to stay awake most of the day. However, I didn’t really do much other than watch TV.

Moving still hurts, so I mainly sat…in front of my computer and watched Hulu all day.

It wasn’t as productive of a day as it probably could have been, but it wasn’t as bad as yesterday, either.

When I go to work tomorrow, I will have my laptop and will likely start getting things to do. If I had everything set up and work, I could likely work from home a day or two if needed.

The problem now is I have nothing to work on, so working from home is basically like asking for a day off where I don’t have to burn a vacation day.

I need to start doing some set up and installation of everything I need on the laptop, so having actual things to do should make the time go by quicker.

That also means I need to be in good enough condition that I can be there to do the installation. So for now, I am just taking it easy.