Day 122: Getting Caught Up

Today was mainly spent getting caught up with everything. Lately, I was going into work later, and doing client work in the morning. Then after work, I would do work for the first client. However, now the client work for the second client is cut back, so I haven’t been too productive in the morning.

Since I started pairing on defects and will likely start getting more work from my job, I don’t want that to affect the client work since that was really the only thing keeping to me going here after the eBay sales dropped off.

The plan for today was to start working ahead and getting things done, so if something were to happen at work and I didn’t have time to do client work that day, I wouldn’t lose a day entirely. There was also some testing done for the client that resulted in a ton of new work items.

This puts me in a fairly good place since I have a list of items I need to work on, and can do it ahead of time. I can get everything ready to deliver now instead of being rushed every day after work. Plus, I can still continue to work on this work every day and then get even further ahead.

I also had some work for the second client, but that is getting really low. I wanted to get everything I had completely done, so I can ask for more work. I figure if I make it perfectly clear that I have nothing else to work on, and I don’t get a reply, then I am basically done.

If they do reply, I will ask for even more work to make it more like the first client where I get a ton of work at once, and just keep plowing through the tasks without having to stop and wait. I am guessing, though, that I won’t be getting any more work.

Realistically, the second client wasn’t my ideal client to begin with, but I would have liked to have another client lined up before getting rid of this one. The money wasn’t even that great, though, so if this were to end, it wouldn’t have a significant impact on the income that I am bringing in.