Day 125: New Client Call/Old Client Leaving

I did the new client call from yesterday. I also haven’t heard from the second client about getting new work. At this point, I am pretty confident that there is no more work, and my time with them is over. The good news is, the call went well.

The call really had little to do with me, and more about him just talking about how the company worked. He was also a high-level executive, so the call wasn’t technical. For the most part, he did all the talking.

There was really nothing that happened that would have convinced them to go with someone other than me, so I am thinking we will be moving forward. Losing the second client isn’t too great, but since this one is definitely a better fit, it lessens the blow. Plus, this one pays better.

When it comes down money, I get paid more with this one, and I will get more hours, which should significantly increase the amount I make per month. On the call, he mentioned that he very rarely gets threatened with people quitting, and more likely getting threatened with people retiring.

If that’s true, and there is enough work for me to stay on with them for years, this could be pretty significant. I don’t know how true that is, though. It sounds like a fairly small team. During the previous call, the person I talked to has been with them for 8 years.

8 years is pretty good. Finding a client to do work with for a year isn’t too easy. The second client only lasted a couple months.

A big benefit of this position is the ability to learn new things. They like to have everyone go in with a primary skill and then pick up a secondary skill. I get to pick what secondary skill I want to learn.