Day 131: New Promotion Idea

I got an idea! I was just thinking about coming up with new ways to promote my site, and I have that Chicago meeting tomorrow. Those combined lead me to an idea.

Really, I kind of store the idea from someone else. I was originally thinking about doing more content marketing where I write content and promote it, and then link to my products. The content won’t actually be selling anything and it will mainly be used for brand awareness.

That’s all fine and great, but highly unlikely anything happens quickly. I had an idea on what to write, but never actually got around to doing it. Ironically, I need that same info now before going to the meeting tomorrow.

I Googled it, and found a site that has the content similar to what I would need to promote my site, but then it also had a pretty nice lead generator for another site.

It was basically a free item. The site was in the same category as mine, but I feel like I could do the free item offer better than they did. Mainly because the item I would offer free was a higher-priced item then theirs.

At the same time, I ran some numbers and found a way that should basically break even. The items that I have to offer for free are items that I wanted to unload before moving. Getting rid of them, generating leads, and having everything break even is a pretty significant win any way you slice it.

Plus, I have another idea to help generate repeat sales after they get the free item. I do need to make the landing page which is tied into the site to collect the information. I am hoping that won’t be too hard.

Other than that, it would just be about driving traffic to the site. I already ran Facebook ads for the site before. I am also thinking about trying out Bing ads or maybe even Adwords. I have used Adwords before, but never for this site.

The time is working out well, though. Other than the holiday season, May and June are when these items sell, so if I can get this up and running soon, this could be big…it could also lose a ton of money and be a horrible idea.

I don’t really know, but from what I gather, this is my best shot. Plus, I don’t want the items anymore anyway. Getting rid of them is a plus regardless of the sales it does or does not generate.