Day 134: Official Contract

After picking the start date, I got the official contract for the Chicago work. I start on the Tuesday after Memorial day which is actually longer than I wanted.

There was talk about starting within one week instead of two or three, but that didn’t seem to go anywhere. I do hate waiting for computers and access, but I would have liked to start making money sooner.

The second client hasn’t given me work in two weeks. I would like the new work now, so it fills the gap that the second client created. I do need to make sure I am all caught up on everything else, though, so that when the work does start coming in, I actually have the time to do it.

I have to complete a background check and drug test, however. The background check seems to be a criminal and credit history check, which I don’t really know what good those will do. I am going to be remote, so even if I was a criminal, I won’t be around anyone. The credit history check also seems kind of pointless.

I am filling out those documents, and then waiting. The drug test is a bit harder since I have to go somewhere. It looks like the place close to me is open at 7:00am, so I should be able to swing in, do the stupid test, and then get to work on time without having it interfere with my day job.

I even got some eBay sales today. I sold another bitcoin item plus two shirts. With some time before the new client work starts, I should probably get something else going that is a bit more passive. I do have a history of doing something that does well, and then basically giving up on it.

Even though I have the client work, I still need to focus on bringing in more money, so I am not completely cut off when the client work ends.