Day 135: TV and Bitcoins

Well I went back to being unproductive. I spent most of the day watching TV. I also woke up really late, which may be due to the whole plane trip back. That made Thursday and Friday pretty hard to stay awake. After catching up on sleep, I really just wanted to watch TV.

The only real productive thing I did, which is arguably kind of stupid, was I bought and sold some bitcoins. I have had bitcoins for a while, and I found a couple new places to buy and sell them. Previously, I had an automated script that would buy and sell for me.

That worked out extremely well, but was based on a few things that has now changed. Figuring out to buy or sell is harder, and the script stopped working anyway. I then did the whole arbitrage thing, and bought and sold from different places that had different prices. That also stopped working.

Today, I found another way to do the arbitrage. I made a little less than 1%, so it’s not too great, but it does make it really hard to lose money since I know what the buy and sell price would be before I do it.

I don’t plan on counting the money, which was about $4, but I am thinking if I do it every day (one of the accounts has daily limits that makes it impossible to do it more than once a day), I should be able to get a hundred bucks a month or so.

The only nice thing about that is it lowers the average price of the bitcoins I still have. I do have enough that even the $100 a month won’t have much affect, but at least it gets me a little closer to breaking even. I am still down on the bitcoins I have.

Really, I would just like being positive again so that if I need some money for another rental property, I have the option of selling some or all of the bitcoins to get the money I need.