Day 136: Landing Page Set Up

Today was a little more productive that usual, but still not the great. I had some ideas on how to promote my own site a little better. However, there would be some work involved in getting everything set up.

I need a way to collect customer information, and I didn’t want to have to create something entirely custom. I started looking into it to see if there was an easy way to collect everything I need without having to spend a lot of time.

I also needed to make sure that anything I did for this, didn’t screw up the existing site. I started playing around, and I think I got something that works. It gives me just about everything I need. The only thing else that I would like is a more descriptive landing page.

However, it looks like I can make a new page with a button, and then I have the button link to the page I set up. That should make it as detailed as I would like, but still collect the required info without a ton of customizing.

I just need to set up the first page with the button that links, and then I should be ready to go to run ads to the page. I would like to get the ads running the page before I start the new client work. It really doesn’t matter, since I basically turn the ads on and then just monitor them, but I still want to maximize the time I have now.

Other than that, I really didn’t do anything else. I do have some previous landing pages that I should be able to modify slightly to get it to work with this, but I didn’t even do that. I am a little nervous, though, that I will just be wasting money on ads with little results, but I can’t let that fear stop me from even trying.