Day 137: Landing Page Ready to Go

After working on the landing page for the new promotion idea, I think I finally have it ready to go. It has everything required without affecting the main site. Now, I just have to run ads to the page.

For that, I will be running some Facebook ads to the page. The big issue here is not getting screwed by the offer. The offer itself is the advertised offer plus an additional bonus that isn’t mentioned.

When I ran some ads similar to this before, what happened was people started taking advantage of the offer even though they really had no plans on every buying from me. They just keep collecting the bonuses until I cut them off.

I would like to have this offer structured in a way where it’s hard for scammers to take advantage. At the same time, have it not affect the legitimate people from accepting the offer. That has to be done in a way that also doesn’t affect the site to normal customers who aren’t coming from the ads.

There is one issue with the site, it adds some extra options that aren’t needed at all, but the normal users shouldn’t really be affected. The default option will still be selected and there’s no real reason to change that to the new ones that were added.

With everything complete, as far as the landing page goes, the only thing left is to start running the ads. I would like to get that started soon since I am planning on leveraging Father’s Day as a part of the ad. Doing it too close or after will make the ads less relevant.