Day 138: Playing with Bing Ads

I started looking more into Bing Ads. I’ve been thinking that the ads would be cheaper than Facebook, but might be easier to target buyers using buyer keywords. Plus, a lot of people say Google Adwords is overcrowded, so I hope Bing is a bit cheaper.

I have used Adwords before with mixed results. It was one of my first campaigns that converted terribly and then I found out that there was a problem with my page that kept it from working. When people were landing on the page, the error I had kept them from being able to subscribe.

The poor converting ad was really due to the issue with the website. Once I got that fixed, the ad started performing better. However, I was using a coupon and was coming up to the value, so I ended up pausing the campaign. After everything was sorted out, I didn’t do too bad with the ads.

I plan on taking the same kind of approach with Bing. My strategy is to get more coupons, and then bid low on keywords. I will get limited traffic, but I will be able to test the waters without actually spending any money. If everything goes well, I can then ramp up the cost.

Plus, I can also take the positive results and run similar campaigns on Facebook. I was able to get a coupon for $50 to try Bing out. Now I just need to go through and pick some keywords to bid on. I am thinking about buying ads for more than just the landing page from yesterday.

I have a few other sites that I want to try the Bing Ads with just to see how well it does. I have a few sites that are getting traffic from Bing even though they don’t rank well in Google. Those sites are performing pretty well using Google Adsense.

At least I know Bing has some decent traffic, but getting people to actually buy will be a bit harder. I have a few ideas I want to try, mainly because the coupon keeps me from going out of pocket for a while. Hopefully, I can get a few advertising ideas that actually work. Then, I can apply them to multiple sites.