Day 139: Ads Aren’t Approved

I went ahead and pulled the trigger on the ads. However, I am now waiting for them to actually get approved. As of right now, the ads are still pending approval. I figured this was probably normal since I have a new account and everything, but I would like to have them active and running soon.

I followed through with the Bing Ads plan. I create a list of keywords, placed my bids, and then launched the campaign. However, nothing has happened. I have 0 impressions and obviously 0 clicks.

I want to get them going soon mainly so I have time to adjust them prior to Father’s Day. Another issue I am running into is the landing page itself. I am not too familiar with the Bing Ads terms of service, mainly because I didn’t bother to really read it, but I know Google’s frowns upon landing pages that push the users into one specific thing.

Google’s take on squeeze pages is they shouldn’t actually squeeze. There needs to be links to other pages on your site that the user can navigate to. I didn’t really follow that plan on this landing page. You go down the route I want, or you close the browser. I am a little concerned that Bing won’t actually approve the ad.

My offer is also a bit scammy. The real offer isn’t, but the page does tend to look that way. I am considering another approach just in case I do get rejected. Another slight issue is the page is designed to capture email addresses even when the user doesn’t completely fill out the page.

I don’t know if this is against any kind of terms of service according to Bing, but I feel like the time it’s taking to the approve the ads is far longing that it should be.