Day 141: New Ad Type

The ads are a little disappointing. I thought by now I would have orders flooding in! Okay, so not really, but the ads haven’t done anything…literally. My awesome idea was to create another ad to see if it would go live first.

The initial ads still aren’t running. I decided to try a completely different approach. Instead of running ads to the offer for a sale, I will run an ad to a Facebook post that is all content. Let’s just see if content really is king.

The main goal of doing this was to get an ad approved sooner. I figured the ad going to Facebook should be easier to approve than an ad going to a website. The Facebook post does just link out to the same site, but a different page.

The page it links to is also linked to the same page that the first ad goes to. So if everything goes well, there are two flows. First, the Facebook ad takes you directly to the offer page. The second is the ad takes you to a Facebook post, which then goes to an article on the site, which then links to the offer.

The second flow sounds terrible at first since there are tons of ways the user can abandon ship before even seeing the offer. However, the theory is that with trust will be built even by those who don’t make it to the offer since I gave away some advice for free. In addition to the trust, the ads themselves should be cheaper.

The reasoning is Facebook would rather send users to other Facebook pages that could have sidebar links and other ads instead of taking the user off Facebook entirely to a new site. Even if traffic doesn’t convert as much, the reduced cost in ads should make up for it.

I am not entirely sure any of this is true, however.