Day 147: Ad-Generated Sale!

I got my first sale from the ads! It wasn’t a very big sale, but it was at least a profitable one. Overall, the ads are still more expensive to run than the sale has covered, but at least we are moving in the right direction.

It is also encouraging that the day after the ads went live, someone actually completed the checkout and paid me. This way, I know the offer is at least good enough to get someone to spend money. Plus, it also proves that the site is working.

I did run some ads before when the site didn’t work, and I couldn’t figure out why my conversion rate was so low. With everything confirmed working, the only thing to do now is wait a little longer to see how things perform.

I should probably determine how much of a budget I want to drop on this, but as of now, I just plan on letting it run. I do have a daily budget set of $70 for all ads. This is going to get expensive real quick, though.

Other than monitoring the ads and the Facebook page, I am not really doing anything else. I should probably start getting some email campaigns ready so I don’t add subscribers to my list and then do nothing with it.

Even if the ads cost more money than the sales it generates initially, I am hoping I can send out a few email offers to make enough sales to make all the money back. That’s the part I am a little nervous about.

Obviously, the more I can make back on the initial sales, the better, but it is a low-profit offer. I would either have to have a really high conversion rate or really cheap traffic in order to pull that off.