Day 148: Looking at Point of Sale Options

I started looking at some point of sale options. I am interested in buying a business, but I don’t live all that close. I am in Pittsburgh, and this is in Ohio. In order to make this work, I am looking for some remote visibility.

The goal is to have something that is web-based that I can log into at any time to see how things are going. This would allow me to check on sales along with expenses without having to call someone who is currently there working or waiting for the end of day numbers to be sent to me.

Really, I have no idea what I would even do with the numbers. It’s mainly to have a record of where the money is in case something goes south, and to kind of act as a policing measure to discourage anyone from thinking they can game the system.

Not really sure if anyone would do that anyway, but it seems like something that is better to have in place early than something that needs put in place out of desperation. The only plan with this is to create something reusable.

If I could get a system that works and actually use it, I would have a better idea of the kinds of features and functions others would probably also like to have. The idea is then spin this off as sort of the foundation of an ecommerce site that deals with business equipment.

I get something going that will likely be partially customized, then throw in some equipment that compliments it. I will import the equipment and then work on a line of business packages that feature the same equipment that I use and that I know works, and throw in the customized software. If everything works as plan, I should be able to sell the equipment using the free software part as the deal maker.