Day 154: Client Work is Slow

Even with my laptop set up, I am not doing a whole lot with the new client. The nice thing is, this client is flat rate, so I don’t really have to worry about not having enough work to make this worth it. However, I do have to list where my hours go.

With no work, my hours are mainly filed under “internal work” which likely looks bad. I am more nervous about that since I am new than I would be if I already had 90 days completed. It doesn’t really appear that anyone else is doing anything either, though.

For now, I am just clicking around, looking through some code, and pretending to be “investigating.” If you ever had to read through code, it’s really boring. It would be like reading pages from a book, but in no real order.

Even if I focus on one specific part, I have no way of knowing what part I will be working on, so I could be looking at code that will have nothing to do with me. All in all, it’s fairly boring, but at least it’s not overwhelming with the other client work I already have.