Day 158: Bought some Litecoins

I had nothing better to do than buy some litecoins! Unrelated to making money online, I have been taking money and investing it. The goal is to keep the losses manageable, and litecoins were tanking. I figured I should average down now.

The real goal of the online money was to buy real estate, but there is an annoying gap between having money and having enough money to actually buy a new rental property.

Litecoins probably aren’t the safest option, but I already maxed out the balance in my bank account that pays the high interest rate. Now, all the money I have barely makes anything. Leaving cash sit seems wasteful, so I move it around.

Bitcoins have actually done well for me. Litecoins have not, however. I also have some money in stocks, which varies. The plan for the stocks wasn’t so much as a way to grow my existing cash enough to buy real estate, but mainly as an back up strategy in case the real estate marketed crashed.