Day 160: Not Too Much

Yeah, today wasn’t a real profitable day. I am still doing very little to get another income stream coming in, and didn’t get anywhere with anything else I was working on. I am thinking I need a better plan with some sort of timeline.

I don’t really know what direction to head in at this point. So the first step is unknown, takes too much time to think about, and I end up with nothing for the day.

I need a plan on what to do along with steps to take to do each step. I feel like not being committed to something is also causing problems. Consistency is key, but I am only consistently doing nothing. Even if I needed to build some credibility, doing it a little at time during the times when I was bored would have probably been enough to start seeing real results.

I am thinking more and more that brand awareness ads are the best option now since I basically just set them up once, and then them go for a month. If the ads do well, I keep them running. Otherwise, I just have to stop them. I also want to do some more pre-selling to get a list of more likely customers.