Day 161: Want to Sell Some Sites

I am thinking selling websites should be the next thing I focus on. It seems like the most logical thing to work on, especially if I work on the pre-selling idea. I should be able to run branding ads along with generate the list of people interested in buying websites.

Once I have sites completed and ready to be sold, I can just email the list and hopefully get a sale fairly quickly. It would also be likely that someone who buys one site would be interested in another, so I get the advantage of repeat buyers.

It’s also the only thing I am already doing. For the WordPress plugin, that would all be new. The websites, however, I already have some ready to go, I already sold a few on Flippa, and I have everything needed to do this now.

It’s also fairly easy to target. There are several sites that sell advertisement that would be a good fit along with several other sites that are similar I could use to create look-a-like audiences.

The only real issue is not emailing the list of potential buyers to the point that they forget who I am when I finally send it, but I should be able to schedule some kind of helpful content to go out, and if I have something else to add, I either add it to the scheduled message or just replace it entirely.