Day 163: SSH Into Test POS

It failed the first time, but I finally made progress with the point of sale program! I as able to remotely connect to the prototype hardware, and get the dependencies all set up.

The nice thing is, I am on track to not only get a system in place for me to use, but I would also get something I could resell adding two additional streams of income.

Most of today was spent playing with the sales system. Mainly because I need something if the business sale goes though. This will be the system that allows me to check in on how things are going in real time even if I am not at the business location.

Having my own system if more important than having something to sell, but I am also interested in getting it set up to be able to sell it. The nice thing about this situation is, if I create it and no one buys it, it’s not a complete waste since I still need it.

Plus, if I do sell it, I have first hand experience using it so the updates and features that get added are things that are really needed and not just marketing fluff.