Day 164: Mainly Sleeping

Still didn’t do anything. Sleeping on the weekends has long been a problem for me. I try to stay awake during the week to work on things, but when the weekend comes, I just can’t wake up. Even though I am not being productive, I know that if I try to get up anyway, I screw up the coming week.

The worst part is, if I stayed up late all week and still didn’t do anything, I don’t have the weekend to make up for it. I should probably work on getting a better sleeping schedule.

This could also be part of the “not having a plan” thing where I don’t even know what to work on so I work on nothing. With nothing to do, I get bored and sleep.

I really need something going that is also exciting enough that I like doing it. That happens occasionally with the client work, I get work that I actually want to do and have no problem staying awake to do it.

There are also sites I worked on that were that exciting. Now, however, that’s not much that is exciting and profitable. The WordPress plugin started off exciting, but after I found more and more issues that needed fixed before trying to launch it, it started looking like a never ending pile of defects.

I am hoping the website sales will get to a point where it’s exciting again.