Day 167: POS Finally Worked!

After playing with the point of sale software on a desktop, I finally got it work on the prototype hardware. This was mainly to prove the hardware would work, and not so much to test the software. It’s the same thing on the desktop that is on this device.

There is still the possibility I don’t even go through with the purchase of the business. In that case, if I like the software or not isn’t a concern as much as whether or not I can still sell equipment and use the software as an enhancement.

There is also the option of just selling the hardware. Proving that it works makes it easier to pull the trigger on selling them since I know I won’t get stuck with devices that I don’t know what could even be put on them.

More than likely, this wasn’t the post effective use of my time. Even if everything went well, being able to use it or sell them are still a ways off. I am just borrowing the prototype, though, so not doing it now could have canceled the entire project.

Soon, I will have to return it, and if I didn’t get this done before then, I would had never been able to test it without fully committing to the new hardware.