Day 17: eBay Sales Picked Up

eBay sales have picked up again. Tomorrow is Martin Luther King Day, so the mail won’t go out. Sunday has typically been a good day for sales, though.

Not much else has changed. Still working on the plugin. Client work is waiting on access. If you look at the income report, though, you will see that even with the client work issues I faced, over 25% of the revenue I made was from it.

That may not be too great if you plan was to collect passive income, but if you were looking to just generate a second income or even get something going that required money up front, the freelance thing does seem to be the most profitable.

Arguably, the hardest part in that is actually finding someone to pay you. That makes you dependent on someone else and their project. I do believe that spending time on your LinkedIn page and building connections is worth it, though.