Day 2: More Thinking and Planning

Well, today hasn’t been much more productive than yesterday. I have been trying to figure out where to even start, and eBay sales still seems like the best option. I am trying to get some other idea going, mainly along the lines of the subscription sites to be able to scale. The downfall to eBay is I have to be doing working in order to have money coming in. Starting off, that’s not a big deal, but eventually there will be a time when I just don’t have time to do everything.

When that happens, something is going to stop, and I am right back in the same position I started in. Realistically, I am still far enough away from that to not really worry about it, and with Facebook ads and other expenses coming up, making anything now would be helpful. I have a couple ideas for sites now, but am still toying around with them. Mainly because of the 3 ideas I have, none are very easy.

In order to increase efficiency, I would like to have a framework in place to allow quickly spinning up new ideas, even if it’s just to test the idea before investing too much time. As of now, I am still working on the foundation of things to come and not so much something instantly profitable…really hoping that this pays off.