Day 22: I Hate This

I am hating the client work. Not only is everything an emergency, but everyone who gives me work wants theirs done first. Status calls turn into screaming matches, everything we do it heavily criticized, and we are passing the blame for everything that doesn’t get done.

Status calls are at 5:00pm, which seems like a horrible time, but with most of the team remote, I believe the time is set in the Pacific timezone. Half way into the call, the yelling and blaming has already been going on, and I find out that there is mandatory weekend work required.

That’s fine. I will do the work, but I did waste 5 working days waiting for someone to reset a password for my account to even log in. And it wasn’t like “Hey, do you mind working the weekend?” but more of “you were supposed to be done, but you couldn’t even get that right, so now you have to work the weekend.”

I also got yelled at for sending an email. We are in an emergency state which means phone calls only. I think it’s a stupid strategy. I am really looking forward to this ending…I do like the money, though.