Day 23: All Day Client Work

It’s Saturday, and I didn’t even get to sleep in. Looks like I got online way earlier than everyone else, though. I am guessing they all switched to Pacific time since it was noon before people really begin showing up as available. We had a 5:00pm call followed by a 7:00pm call. Even though it was the weekend, we still screamed.

The guy leading the screaming yesterday was actually the guy who tried to calm everyone down today. Still, I am not liking it. It’s no where near as fun as it used to be. I spent all day doing work. I am looking into an issue that refreshing the page fixes. It’s one of those things where the code clearly works since the page refresh is using the same code, but something happens on the first visit that breaks.

It wasn’t too much fun. I did get a couple eBay sales coming in earlier, so at noon, I went to the post office. Yesterday, I got one sale, so I didn’t bother going just for that. Plus, Saturday afternoon to Monday morning, the drop box at the post office isn’t emptied. Sunday has a greater chance of the box already being too full which causes it to jam to the point it won’t open to even put anything else in.

Noon is the last time that makes sense going since anything after that will just sit in the box until Monday anyway. The stuff I sold yesterday was another low-profit item that isn’t selling too quickly. I was happy just to get another one out of my way.

I did fall asleep during the day. Luckily, I set my phone’s alarm to go off before the call, so I didn’t miss that, but working and going to the post office was the only things I did. It was definitely not a fun Saturday.