Day 47: Generating Leads

The sites for sale are generate some leads! However, none of them seem that great. All of them say “Please send me additional information about this business.” which is the default message that is pre-populated in the form.

No one is even taking the time to ask specific questions. Some people are sending the same messages for multiple sites listed, like they are just going through all the posts and clicking the button without really reading anything.

I am not too confident that any of these leads will amount to anything. A quick search on Facebook finds one of them as being a kid a couple years out of high school. He doesn’t seem like a real hot prospect at this point.

One thing I am not liking is the post is sorted by location, which includes the city and the county. The websites are really tied to any location, so limiting them to only searches that are found my specific county seems to eliminating a lot of potential buyers.

I am thinking something like Flippa or Warrior Forum might be better places to list these. Flippa for the more establish and expensive sites and Warrior Forum for the cheaper ones.

Also, I had no eBay sales today.