Day 5: Shirt Sales

I sold some shirts! Were the Facebook ads finally justified? Well, no. The shirts I sold actually came from eBay and had nothing to do with the Facebook ads. Today will be the last day I let the ads run.

eBay sales are still leading the way, but they are really the only thing I have going. I am still looking into other things, but nothing is as quick and easy as just listing something on eBay.

Glen, from ViperChill, made a resolution to read two books a week. During my “thinking and planning” days, have also started reading more. I didn’t aim quite as high as Glen with 2 per week, but I am trying to read more.

Most of the books provide solid information to grow businesses, but it assumes you have more to start with than I do at this point. It’s also not about quick changes. I am hoping to have something launched shortly, however.