Day 50: Closing

Today wasn’t productive in terms of the things that this blog is about, but the day finally came when I closed on my first rental property.

You might have read that this is actually the second time around that I am trying this. The first time ended with me picking up two rental properties, both single family homes.

The deals were made in between Christmas and New Years, which is a horrible time to do anything. With all the holiday breaks and people going on vacation, things moved really slowly. Closing finally came on the first property today.

I like to count that as something that was done last year, which wouldn’t count towards revenue that this blog is tracking, but the reason I am doing this is to pick up more investment properties.

I did get some eBay sales today. The best part is, it included a shirt sale which was one that was ordered previously. It helps justify spending the money in the first place.

Not much else is going on. Today is invoicing day for client work, and weekend work isn’t required. I am hoping I can get something done this weekend. I haven’t been feeling too well, though, so I am not sure what all I can get done. It might just be a weekend of sleeping.

I did get a bit lazy on doing the daily status reports to go with the invoice. I have been just writing in the time and an abbreviation of what I did. I need to go through and actually write out in more details the work that I did.

I also heard that the other developers stopped doing the daily logs of their time. I am hoping that this will be the last time I have to send this along with the invoice. Keeping track of everything in 15 minute intervals is really time consuming.