Day 52: Facebook Page

A common traffic generation strategy is to create a Facebook page with a targeted focus. After the page grows in popularity, ads can essentially be posted to that page instead of having to pay for ads. Today, I created a page.

I have been getting more and more eBay sales for shirts, and I already tried running Facebook ads for them before, and it didn’t really work out. There are some automated tools now to help create the Facebook pages, so I am trying that.

The goal is to create the page and get enough people to like it so that I can post about the shirts again and get some sales. The nice thing about this approach is that it’s really no work. The automated tools handle everything.

Without having to spend time on the page, any page likes I get are basically free. If it generates one sale, it would still be worth doing. Especially since this is pretty easy to scale, I just set the tools to create more pages.

The hard part will be determining what the pages should be about. For business services, there’s not really a good topic to make a fan page about that would be targeted enough to show the ad posts on, but also be easy enough to have it automated.

Posting business pictures would likely be graphs and charts that don’t mean much on their own, or pictures of businesses that are common to all businesses. So even if I create this page and get enough people to like it that makes showing the ads worth it, there’s not a whole lot of other pages I can create.

More than likely, I would be creating new shirt designs for something that is also easy to target on Facebook. That wouldn’t actually help with anything I already have going, but giving up on some of the ideas that aren’t working out in favor of ones that are quicker to get started might be worth it.