Day 67: Minor Updates and Another Interview

Some minor updates to the license and update servers were made, and the plugin is now really close to be ready. Today was also an interview that was rescheduled from last week.

The interview went horrible. Right from the beginning, I hated it. The guy didn’t tell me anything about him or about the position, and just read each line from my resume and then ask “what does that mean?”

After that, which took about 25 minutes, he just asked definitions for various buzz words and abbreviations. I wasn’t too interested in the job to begin with, and after the interview, I definitely wasn’t interested.

It was supposed to be a Skype interview, but the guy just ended up calling me on the phone. It still lasted about an hour, and was a complete waste of time. It ended just in time to make the client call I have every day.

I did manage to make some updates to the plugin, though. There were a few issues with the way the license was checked. Blocked and expired licenses were showing as a valid.

The plugin is close enough to go live that I am hoping it can launch this weekend.