Day 69: More Unproductivity

So after the clear issue from yesterday, I managed to do nothing about it today. I followed the typical pattern of doing the client work, taking the call, and then falling asleep shortly after without getting anything else done.

The only nice thing is the client work is paying pretty well, and sleeping just makes it impossible to spend the money. So not only is it bringing more money in, but it’s also keeping any money from going out.

This is not real scalable, though. I am looking to get more rental properties, and I figure I need about $240,000 to do it. I am looking at a few years in order to do that. I would really like to get focused hit that goal sooner.

Doing it in 1 year seems almost impossible. The big reason being the client work isn’t scheduled to last a year and will actually come to an end in about 3 months. It may be extended, but it’s not likely to be extended for another 9 months.

Similar to the WordPress plugin, there will be some initial work needed to get anything else started. I feel like the more I do now, the better, since I will lay the ground work. The ground work is the part that takes the most time and has no immediate reward, though.

That makes it really boring to do now. WordPress plugins, site sales, and client work seems to be the best use of my time. I am looking at other things, like writing Kindle books, but I am not sure what good that would even do.

What I like about it, though, is it’s the kind of thing that you do the work and then collect the money without having to do any more work after it’s posted to Amazon. If I could do that and collect some kind of recurring income, but have the Kindle books be related to websites and programming, it would with the site sales and client work as well.

Essentially, I try several different things that would each make money on their own, but together strengthen the core. I don’t really know what I would write about, though, that I could get written in any reasonable amount of time. The worst idea seems to be something that would take a year or so to do the research and writing.