Day 70: New Client Set Up

The new client I have been talking with has finally set up a server for me to do work on. I did offer to do the first task for free, as a sample, but I am hoping I can start billing soon.

I got the server info along with my first task. I am supposed to do another call to go over to work along with how the server is set up. What I like about the client is they are not really fans of phone calls. I am really hoping I can get this call out of the way and never have to talk to them on the phone again.

I am also hoping that since they work was done to get me set up, they are too invested in me now to replace me. They could technically just change the password and give the new one to someone else. Even though the server name has my name in it, it really wouldn’t stop anyone else from using it.

Other than that, nothing else is really going on. eBay sales are still strong, and I am still falling asleep sooner than I would like.