Day 74: Pittsburgh Likely

After all these stupid job interviews, I finally heard back from a guy I interviewed with previous. The position is in Pittsburgh, and I originally did the interview 6 or so months ago. At the time, the cost of breaking my apartment lease was too much.

Now, however, my lease is coming to an end. I was originally offered the position, and then turned it down. Mainly being due to the fact that I the little bump in salary was less than the remaining cost of my lease, making the offer not that great.

Without the expense of the lease, though, I messaged the guy asking if the offer was still available. It took a few days, but I finally hard back that the position is still available.

On the plus side, I get an offer and get out of my current job. The downside is that it’s not the exact type of position I was looking for. Also, me asking them if it was still available seems to have hurt my salary negotiating chances.

However, I really just want out of where I am. Even if I hate the new position, I will at least try to get an apartment with a buy-out clause or a job transfer lease break option so I am not stuck there.