Day 76: Closing/Pittsburgh/Sleeping

Still falling asleep, but I did get some news. First, I got a closing date for the second investment property I bought. Second, I heard back from the Pittsburgh company about getting an application submitted.

Getting the second rental house out of the way has been something I have been looking forward to since I bought the first one. The original plan was to do them together to avoid having to do everything twice.

Looking back, I am not sure that plan would have even worked. I still submitted two of everything. Really, I wanted to just worry about wiring the down payment once since going to the bank and doing it is real inconvenient, not to mention, expensive.

Doing one big wire transfer would have been half the cost of doing two, and it would have gotten me out of doing it twice. Getting to the bank and getting it sent before 4:00pm wasn’t real easy, and I had to do it twice.

Plus, getting the second house means I will start collecting two rent checks every month. The house already has a lease signed and the longer I waited to close, the less time I would have with the current tenant.

The Pittsburgh news is also pretty good. I was a bit worried that after hearing back from the original guy, that nothing would ever happen. Hearing from someone in human resources and going through the application process makes it far more likely that something will actually come of this.

However, neither really help my plan on making extra money online, and I just fell asleep. So overall it was a day of good news, but no productivity.