Day 78: Second Closing

Today was the second closing for the house. It was a different notary than before and was done way faster than the first one. The only thing that wasn’t as good was the fact I didn’t get a copy of anything I signed.

The first one took forever to get through, but at the end, I got a copy of everything. This time, it was real quick, but no copy. Really, I haven’t even looked at my copy of the first one. I could have been handed a stack of empty paper for all I know.

Still, I would have thought I would have gotten a copy of it. More than likely, it’s almost identical to the first one I signed, so I am not too worried about it.

Still haven’t managed to do anything. While the whole eBay thing is still undecided, I should probably get back to the whole WordPress plugin plan I partially started, but never seem to have time to finish.

I really need to get something going with Facebook and the shirts, too. Several things are started, but nothing is getting finished.