Day 81: Worked Late

I had one task to do for my day job, and even though it was really complicated, it was really time consuming. It also had a hard deadline of Thursday and needed to be fully tested by then. I figured the only way I could get this done was to spend time today doing it.

I stayed up past midnight trying to get this thing done. The good news is I completed it, but the bad news is I didn’t do anything else.

I will be able to cash in the extra hours I work today to get another day off, which hopefully I use to do something that generates money.

Tonight, though, was all about writing some code, building, deploying, testing, and then doing it all over again several times. The building and deploying part was about 30 minutes each time, so it was a lot of waiting.

That waiting was the reason I was nervous about the Thursday deadline. The only way to get rid of the waiting was to write all the code perfectly, wait once, and then find out you’re done. That wasn’t going to happen.