Day 83: Pittsburgh Is Official

I got a call from the HR person to go over my offer, and then was emailed the official offer letter. I gave a verbal acceptance on the phone and then signed the letter. I am officially going to Pittsburgh.

This wasn’t the best deal ever, but it does get me out of my current job, which is going downhill. The pay is only slightly better, but Pittsburgh is more expensive, so I am thinking this will just wash and it’s basically a lateral move.

Since I approached them, holding out for more money seemed like a risky move. Asking if they still had a position open for me, and then saying I will need more money to take it all while my lease was ending was more of a gamble than I wanted.

The nice thing is I do get way better benefit than I previously had. So even if the pay is basically the same, I do get the better benefits, so it at least has some upside to it.

Also, I hate my job, so just being able to leave also makes it worth it. I do hate moving, though. The only real concern is my schedule. With the client work, I have a few meeting planed at times that I will definitely be available.

If my new schedule is different, I don’t want to have to go through all the meeting and propose new times. Changing all meeting times will likely be a red flag and raise questions. Having to deal with why that’s needed is more work than I would like, if I can avoid it.